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g-link CMS is platform independent.
g-link utilizes known technologies: The pages are written in classic ASP/HTML spiced up with a little java-script. That is why you can implement it on Linux computers as well as Windows computers. All maintenance can be performed using your favorite-browser no matter if it is a MS Internet Explorer, Gecko, Firefox/Mozilla/NetScape or any other browser on your PC, Mac or SmartPhone.
g-link is coded toward the free MySQL ver. 5 for Windows, but it can also be installed on other OS and databases, i.e. Oracle or Microsoft SQL-server. Even the MS Access database can be used, but it is not recommended because of the limitations of Access. [The page you are reading now is running on a Windows 2008 Server but used to run on a Linux/Apache/Sun ONE ASP/MySQL combination]

g-link CMS is modular.
The g-link system is modular. This makes it easy for you to choose exactly those modules and components that suit your needs - easily matching the demands for your homepage.
Though g-link is a general web system the modularity of g-link makes it very easy to tailor the system for a specific task. If the standard functionality does not meet your requirements or demands for extended functionality of your website arise the modularity makes it quite easy to expand the system.
The relatively flat structure combined with the easy-to-use File Upload System makes it as easy to upgrade the system as it is to upload a photo to your photo gallery.
Furthermore, the flexibility of g-link makes it surprisingly easy to move the system from a "development site" to a production platform on another server.

g-link CMS is easy to install.
Three clicks with your mouse and you are on! All the database table definitions are written into just one common text file. The installation menu makes it possible to connect to your database, write the table definitions to the database and test the connection and tables in just three clicks.None of the program files needs tweaking or alterations. All you need is to upload the files to the web server and in a few clicks your site is ready for configuration. If you choose to use one of the pre-configured `themes´ your colours, backgrounds and fonts will be ready in 5 minutes!

Easy installation of g-link CMS: Three steps - and the system is ready for use...

In less than half an hours your web site will be ready to use. And remember: If you get stuck you can always consult the online help  site.

The freedom to choose.
g-link CMS is not developed or driven by commercial interests or motives, but because we can! In the same way as you decide the functionality, the layout and the content of your web site, you also decide the price of your web site: You can choose to "host" your web site on an ordinary home PC - which makes it literally free - or you can rent a commercial web-hotel from your Internet Service Provider. The source code is borrowed from, which means it absolutely FREE of charge for you. The price is very competitive, isn´t it!?
If you do not have the resources to install or establish your web site can help you - either for a fixed price or paid by the hours. is not a commercial enterprise either, but rose from a desire to make it easier for common users to launch better homepages with a dynamic content that everyone themselves can maintain and update. provides general support as well as solutions for a specific problem. But most probably you will be able to solve relevant problems just by consulting the reference web site or the Tech Forum or the g-link knowledge base.

Before you deside.
Before you make your decision whether to use or not to use the g-link system you can check out the admin functions and the ease- of-use of the system on our demo site (
If you want a more thorough check out or you need more time to evaluate the system your are encouraged to contact We then set up a "test site" for you or your organization upon your request. can help you getting started and overcome initial hurtles concerning hardware, network, domain registration, migration of en existing domain / system, server setup or installation of the g-link CMS web application.
All this sound too good to be true? Well, maybe - try for yourselves...